CEO Message

We will grow into the world’s best pooling logistics company with the mind of developing a new frontier in the logistics system.

The logistics of materials is an important field that controls the flow of materials, which is one of the main targets for economic life. However, since this flow of materials moves in various and complicated ways, it is quite difficult to realize efficient logistics or distribution system. The phenomena in which the quantity of goods transported is always fluctuating, the place of production and consumption are far from each other, the flow goes to one way and smaller quantities with various varieties often occurred are appearing these days.

Suh Byong-Yoon, Representative Director of Korea Pallet Pool Co. Ltd.

As a way of solving this problem in the distribution system, the Unit Load System, which moves the materials in a certain size and unit has been developed. Many developed countries have developed and operated this system well.

Our company is a company which has the dream of realizing the unit load system and conducting the standardization and pooling, which are the core tasks for innovation in the distribution industry. The company has researched on how the containers and pallets which make up the unit load system are to be standardized and pooled and will continue to do so with courage and belief.
As the company has the idea that the best ways of enhancing the transportation efficiency and reducing the cost of distribution is to standardize the containers which are used for packing and the pallets which are the supporting block of cargos and jointly use them, the company operates the systems of container pool and pallet pool.

As our container pool system and pallet pool system are jointly shared by 150,000 or more companies in all industries including agriculture, food, life supplies, petrochemicals, fertilizers, automobile, electronic parts, fiber & fashion and other manufacturers as well as distributions and transportation, even one container or pallet can be fast supplied to and recovered from anywhere in the nation. So, this is the most ideal joint distribution system.
Accordingly, if a customer company adopts our system, it can reduce the cost of long-distance transportation, deal with the imbalance in the demand and supply volume and most of all, solve the difficult problem of recovering the containers when compared with the system where it directly has to purchase the containers and use them within a limited area.

As such, the Korea Container Pool Co., Ltd (KCP), Korea Pallet Pool Co,, Ltd (KPP), Korean Logis Pool Co., Ltd (KLP) and Ulogisnet Co., Ltd (ULN) are constructing the Korea’s unit load system and making an effort in developing the Asian distribution system including Southeast Asia in order to realize the standardization and pooling of the distribution.