history ~2010's
2017. 11LogisALL, Jeju National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, Signs MOU.
2017. 5Pallets possession exceeded 13 million.
2016. 102016 World Standard Day Awarded by Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy.
2016. 05Received grand prize for logistics by Korea Logistics Society.
2015. 12Pallets possession exceeded 12 million.
2014. 03LogisALL, SEOUL AGRO-Fisheries & Food Corporation Business agreement.
2013. 09Received 2013 Korea Environmental Award for Green Logistics System.
2011. 06Pallets possession exceeded 10 million.
2010. 12Acquired 83,000 customers using pool system,
Pallets possession exceeded 9.7 million, Opened 50 Logistics Centers nationwide.
2010. 07Chairman, Byong Yoon, Suh re-elected president of Asia Pallet System Federation in Jakarta, Indonesia.
history 2000's
2009. 12Pallets possession exceeded 8 million.
2008. 12KPP, Acquisition of the certification of total logistics company. KPP, Was certified the acquisition of Total Logistics Company.
2008. 10Chairman, Byong Yoon, Suh received Medals of Honor from the government for the contribution to logistics standardization in the ceremonial event of “World Standards Day”.
2007. 12Received the Excellent Human Resources Development Organization Certificate.
2007. 08The Korea Pallet Pool Co.,Ltd., Consortium held a commencement report meeting for the RFID-Based Intelligent Collaborative Distribution Logistics Information System Building Project.
2007. 03Asia's first RFID partlet rental service launch.
2006. 12Acquired 60,000 customers using pool system, pallets possession exceeded 7 million.
2005. 12ISO 9001/14001 인증 획득
2005. 09Chairman, Byong Yoon, Suh took office as the 6th Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Logistics Federation(APLF) (Tokyo, Japan)
Chairman, Byong Yoon, Suh Awarded the 2nd Korea Pallet Container Industry Award (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Award).
2005. 06Establishment of China AAA Consulting Company (KPP, JPR Joint) (All Asia Advanced Logistics Consulting Co. ,Ltd).
2004. 12Pallets possession exceeded 5 million.
2004. 11Acquired certification for standardized logistics equipment (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy).
-wood/plastic pallet
2003. 11Pallets possession exceeded 4.5 million.
2003. 10Chairman, Byong Yoon, Suh took office as the 4th Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Logistics Federation(APLF).
2003. 05KPP, KCP and KLP launch integrated brand LogisALL.
2002. 06Asia Pallet Pool co., ltd. Establishment
(Singapore, JPR&KPP Joint Investment).
2002. 04Asia Pallet Pool (APP) Establishment of Yontai Logistics Center in Shandong, China.
2002. 03Asia Pallet pool (APP) Establishment of Tianjin Logistics Center in China.
history 1980's ~ 1990's
1998. 04Awarded Korea Logistics Grand Prize (SME Service Division).
1997. 10Grand Prize in Logistics (Improvement of Logistics System).
1995. 11Grand Prize for Logistics (Standardization Division).
1989. 07Business alliance with Taiwan Pallet Rental Co., Ltd. and establishment of international pallet pool system between Korea and Taiwan.
1986. 1114 depot locations opened nationwide.
1985. 10Established Korea Pallet Pool Co., Ltd.
Japan Pallet Rental Cooperation (Korea-Japan international pallet pool system construction).