Company Overview

CO-Logistics Company Leading Asia by Building the Best Personnel and Systems to Realize New Logistics

KPP was launched in 1985 under the slogan 'The Opening of the Pallet Pool Age' and is in charge control of the Pallet Pool System, which enables the introduction of The Unit Load System, a key task in logistics rationalization of the Korean industry.

The KPP has T-12 and T-13 types based on standard Pallet T-11 types and contributes greatly to enhancing logistics standardization, pooling and logistics efficiency in Korean industries through pallet pool system that inputs pallets and recover and manage them so that various corporations such as distribution, textile, oil, food, household goods, agricultural, and fertilizer industries by building nationwide logistics network.

In addition, We can reduce investment and operating costs of logistics equipment by leasing and operating logistics equipment after analyzing optimal use environment through consulting and predicting customer acceptance and market research in logistics equipment related areas such as RRPP Pool project, forklift rental business, folding container business, and other subsidiary goods sales business.

Basic Information

Company Name KOREA PALLET POOL Co.,Ltd.
CEO Suh Byong-Yoon
Date of establishment October 02, 1985
Business details
  • Pallet supply | Business on recovery
  • Business on sales of other logistics equipment and transport devices
Overseas partnership ship
  • Japan : Japan Pallet Rental(JPR)
  • Taiwan : Chinese Logistics & Rental Corporation(L&R)
  • China : Sun Hang Tong
  • Philippines : PMR Pallet Ltd. Co.
  • Own affiliated ship in Japan, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand