What is FOLDCON?
It is the name of a folding container that is being mass-produced for the first time in the world.
It means a container that folds into a compound word of the Foldable + Container
LogisALL, which specializes in logistics equipment rental, introduces folding container rental service. Container rental services based on the rich know-how and professional consulting built over the past 30 years through various logistics and forklift rental businesses will give you a new competitive edge.
Sales VS Rental
Division Sale Rental
The initial expenditure High None
Maintenance Exist None
(excluding inadvertent damage for use)
Maintenance cost Variable Fixed
Other Asset management head work
(yard, maintenance, regular inspection, paperwork, etc.)
No asset management operations
Unit Specifications
Division Size
Type 8' Foldable
(3 into 8FT High)
(4 into 40FT High)
Dimensions External
(L x W x H)
2,500 x 2,438 x 2,438 (mm) 12,192 x 2,438 x 2,591 (mm)
Folded Dimensions
External (H)
(x3 Units Folded)
(x4 Units Folded)
Dimensions Internal
(L x W x H)
2,395 x 2,276 x 2,168 (mm) 11,972 x 2,338 x 2,391 (mm)
Door Opening
(Dw x Dh)
2,287 x 2,096 (mm) 2,286 x 2,262 (mm)
Max. Gross wt. 5,950 kg 30,480 kg
Tare wt. 1,950 kg 6,500 kg
Floor Steel Plate Steel Plate
Color Brown Grey
FOLDCON Background of Appearance

Container traffic among world trade volume is increasing rapidly, but container shipping is difficult due to regional and continental trade imbalance

Since the birth of Dry Container, a logistics revolution in 1956, the logistics industry has had many problems. There are various inefficiencies in terms of trade volume, such as imbalance between continents, rapid increase in container traffic, and increased costs of investing in logistics infrastructure. To solve this problem, a new concept of foldable container, or FOLDCON, was born.

  • Intercontinental Volume Inequality Deepening
    (As of 2015, trade volume between Asia and North America stood at around 6.9 to 3.1, while Asia and Europe had a ratio of 7.0 to 3.0.)
  • usaged container Increase in uncollected quantity
  • Excessive economic losses due to used container logistics processing
  • Increased cost of logistics infrastructure investment due to container yard shrinkage
Effect of FOLDCON

Innovative containers that will transform the world's logistics history, which can dramatically reduce logistics costs as well as increase productivity - It's a FOLDCON.

In terms of space

  • Empty Container traffic quadruples during sea, rail and land transportation.
  • Empty Container storage volume, including ports, inland terminals and warehouses, is quadrupled.

In terms of time

  • Improving the time-usability of the Empty Container > Reduced time-to-time supply and turnover period
  • Increase the working speed by 4 times during the up and down of the empty container > Increased productivity per hour

In terms of opportunity cost

  • Empty container transport space reduction > Increase full container transport opportunities
  • Empty container transport vehicle 1/4 reduction > 3/4 Increase vehicle transport opportunities

In terms of environment

  • Empty container transport load increase by 4X > Carbon emissions and energy reduction due to reduction of transportation vehicles