Stands for Foldable packing, which is a logistics device optimized for movement of liquid products, synthetic rubber, and small or medium machinery parts.
Detailed specifications:


Maximum Stack

Maximum stacking weight 6.4tonnes of logistics equipment kept safe.

40FT HC Container

125% improved container loading efficiency with improved Tare Weight and
Collapsible HeightRental Price Competitive

Country-to-country moving service

Global Network

Leverage the global network provided by LogisALL to provide a reliable and efficient Global Pooling Service
Expand business scope and service quality by expanding network in Europe and Asia.

International web
Trcking service provide

Inventory management plan - TRA Platform

[Smart FOLDPAC Global Asset Management]




Performance analysis
(Trip / Rotation rate, etc.).

Balance accounts / bills.

Global FOOLDPAC Tracking.

√ Management of production information, asset information, cleaning history, etc. of FOLDPAC.
√ Identify the movement information, status information, and inventory information of the FOOLDPAC objects during the movement between each base.
√ FOLDPAC past and current move history tracking.
Real-time tally of claims/payments for delivery and return of FOLDPAC.
Provides transparent accounting system for FOLDPAC suppliers and business operations.

[History tracking management for products]

Lead time for transport by each route.

Search amount of shipped and arrived goods.

Analyze the quantity of good transported by each route in supply chain.

Track global goods.

Mapping of FOLDPAC and products per unit load
To give the FOLDPAC the association of product information services such as order number, manufacturing lot No. etc.
Real-time search of the act of reaching a destination of products that are brought and sold to be arrived.
√ Increase effectiveness through automatic entering of goods to be arrived.
Tracking the location and movement information of the products loaded in the FOLDPAC.