Pallet Pool System

Great value for Pallet's name! Do you know Pallet?

Pallet's value is just enough to support modern logistics, though it is a seemingly simple pedestal for pedestrians to handle raw materials and products from factories and logistics bases.

Using pallet
2 hours

Time / Labor Waste

15 minutes

Logistics Efficiency and Rationalization

Speed up, mechanized safety, mechanization saves personnel

Merit for unit load system pallet

Many Merit can be thought of, such as logistics cost-down, no return and maintenance of pallets, ease of handling volume, and efficient use of storage and space. Unit load system palletization enables ideal logistics efficiency.

Own pallet Unit load system pallet
Used Pallet Return
  • Need to return to the factory from our company.
  • Excessive return costs / return process is quite cumbersome.
  • Return to KPP logistic center near the destination.
Unused pallet according to the changes in the quantity of goods transported
  • Rate of operation is decreased in off-season and there would be problems in storage and management of unused pallet by having volume based on the peak season of the quantity of goods transported.
  • It can be used as much as necessary according to the changes in the quantity of goods transported and there would be no unused pallet for the customers.
Pallet quality control
  • Necessary personnel and expenses are always required for maintaining the pallet quality during own operations.
  • Completed logistics center dedicated to the storage of pallets.
  • Check returned partlets and always provide quality partlets.