What is a RRPP (Recycled Reusable plastic pallet)?
RRPP is a multi-use pallet that can save you money on logistics compared to the traditional pallet.

RRPP is an eco-friendly product that is recycled by using recycled materials extracted from household waste and is a recycled pallet created by the resource circulation system.

  • Household waste

  • Recycling

  • Chemical compound material
    physical structure improvement

  • RRPP

  • Reuse


Household Waste

RRPP Operating System

RRPP Pool leads the way in trade innovation by reducing logistics costs by reinventing the international logistics system from one-way package to a reusable package.


One Way Package
  • Difficult to dispose of disposable pallets → Problems of disposal due to environmental contamination.
  • If plastic pallets are sold, the purchase cost of pallets will be increased by increasing the price of materials.
  • Poor quality pallets can cause stability and product damage.
  • Additional cost and time loss due to enhanced quarantine for wood pallets.


Reusable Package
  • Eliminate waste problems with reusable pallets.
  • Reduces purchase costs with the reuse of pallets.
  • Use of quality pallets to improve product reliability → Maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Quarantine troubleshooting
RRPP Operating System

New pool system created to respond to existing pool system problems

RRPP replaces pallets used for export and import with standardization of specifications and dimensions, and joint utilization, contributing to the reduction of logistics expenses as well as response to international environmental regulations

Traditional pool operation method

Rental Type

  • Pool operator owns pallets and lends them to participants (Example: LogisALL, CHEP)
  • Shortcoming: large amount of pallet investment cost.

Deposit Rental method

Exchange Type

  • Each business owner owns and exchanges pallets (e.g. EPAL)
  • Shortcoming :
    1) Excessive pallet requirement more than twice the required quantity
    2) A lot of defective pallets are generated

Sales & Buy Back Method

New Global Pallet Pool

  • Lower prices to one-time pallets and repeat use, and use durable RRPP, which makes it easier to maintain the same quality.
  • It is a new pool system that co-operates with deposit rental or sale & Buy among companies that use it as unit load system.
RRPP Use Cases

Deposit Rental method

The exporter (customer) leases the RRPP from LogisALL to the agreed prices (deposit) and the LogisALL returns the deposit price of the RRPP when the importer returns the pallet to the logistics center from after shipment.

Sale & Buy Back Method

LogisALL sells the RRPP to the exporter (customer) at the agreed amount, and when returned, LogisALL pay buy-back to the importer at the agreed amount.

RRPP TRA Platform

Smart RRPP Pallet

  • Vehicle RFID Batch Recognition

  • Forklift Truck RFID Multi-Stage Load Recognition

  • Mobile RFID Recognition

RRPP TRA Platform (Trade, Tracking, Traceability)

- 1st Step provides RRPP LINK system to all partner partners for global asset management for RRPP.

RRPP LINK System (Basic)

  • Release & Warehousing, Inventory Identification
    • Release & warehousing inventory inspection
    • Real-time inventory search
  • Track Asset Location
    • Transfer history check
    • Current location check
  • Analysis report
    • Return rate, disposal rate, long-term pay
    • Trip, rotation analysis and accounting analysis

- 2nd Step provides RRPP customers with historical information on customer shipments that are moved per unit load (pallet, box).

ULTRAVIS System (Option)

*ULTRAVIS : Unit Load Tracking and Visuals

LogisALL Global RRPP POOL applies IoT and RFID Technology to RRPP Pallet.

  • Track and manage the distribution activities of pallets in real time, from production of pallets to disposal to the entire life cycle.
  • Customer cargo that is loaded and unloaded in unit load (pallet, box) unit provides customer cargo information, history management and smart SCM information based on the IoT, RFID.