Ethics Charter

LogisALL is a pioneer of common logistics that creates logistics value under the banner of management ideology, creating a global logistics community that makes human life rich and happy.
The core value of LogisALL is a partnership with challenges and creativity. Based on this, the company comply basic principles of ethical practice and activities, and move forward to find ways where customers, shareholders, executives, employees, partners, communities and country can exist and prosper together.
1. Customer Satisfaction
We recognize that there is a future of LogisALL in customer satisfaction and enhance the rights and profits of customers with the best logistics service. We protect customer’s information and fulfill the promises with customers.
2. Guarantee of rights and interests of shareholders
We preserve and increase the assets of shareholders by improving financial structure through maximization of management efficiency, and maximize the company’s value through reasonable and transparent management activities.
3. Win-win with partner companies
We provide business environment for mutually complementary and balanced development with partner companies, and establish a fair, transparent and free trading culture.
4. Worth of employees
We mutually respect as autonomous and creative talents, achieve mature ethical culture based on understanding and trust, and create corporate culture that can realize the expectation for growth and stability.
5. Contribution to the nation and society
We will contribute to the prosperity of the future society by fulfilling our responsibilities and contributions to the nation and society through continuous growth.