Pallet Type

Logistics Standardization

A system that secures compatibility and connectivity by unifying the specifications of equipment and facilities used in the logistics stage, such as transportation, storage, loading and packing.

  • Selection of standard pallets to establish unit load system, a key task of logistics standardization, is important.
  • Necessity of logistics standardization.
  • A large quantity of standard pallets can be used to supply pallets to an unspecified number of shippers.
    • Due to the increasing volume of goods and the worsening logistics environment, such as labor shortage and traffic congestion, mechanization and automation of the logistics process is inevitable.
    • To improve competitiveness by reducing costs through logistics innovation.
The Trend of ISO's Implementation of Logistics Standardization

Type of international pallet in ISO specification (ISO 6780)

  • 1,200 X 800mm (Standard pallets jointly operated by 18 European countries, inefficient for use of ISO containers)
  • 1,140 X 1,140mm (Adopted with support from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, etc., relying on ocean containers)
  • 1,219 X 1,016mm (American standard pallet 48in X 40in (inch) specification. Not used in countries other than the United States)
  • 1,100 X 1,100mm (Asian standard pallets, such as Korea, Japan, etc.)
  • 1,067 X 1,067mm, 1,200 X 1,000mm
Status of Logistics Standardization in Korea

Status of Logistics Standardization

  • Out of 9,851 KS standards, 280 are related to packaging and logistics, which is higher than Japan (JIS) and International Standard (ISO).
  • KS specified as a standard partlet for consistent transport by T11 type out of 7 types of partlets
  • Enactment of the act on the promotion of cargo distribution and the improvement of logistics standardization for the integration of cargo flows (full revision of KS specifications in the logistics sector: 200 kinds to 280 kinds)
  • Enactment of unit load system (center unit load system standard pallet T11 type 1100 X 1,100 mm)
  • Financial support for logistics standardization ('98), deducting investment tax on logistics standardization facilities