Quote & Delivery Inquiry/Request

Quote & delivery inquiry/request
  1. 01. Personal information collection items and method of collection
    1. ① The company collects the minimum amount of information as a requirement for the users to provide the service smoothly.
      Collection item Name, E-mail, Business name, General phone, Mobile phone
      Collection method Quote and delivery inquiry/request site input form
      Information of customer enquiries, input forms, or e-mails of enquiries, etc.
    2. ② The right to refuse consent and the disadvantage of rejecting it.

      We inform you that you can refuse to approve the personal information collection and use guidance, but if you refuse to accept the request, you cannot quote or request delivery via the Korea Pallet pool site.

  2. 02. Purpose of personal information collection and utilization

    ① The personal information of a user is not used for any other purpose. In the event of a change in the scope, purpose of use or use of the collected information, the user will seek prior consent from the users.

    Purpose of collection Retention and utilization period
    Provide shopping information (discounts, events, etc.) and information for confirming quotes and requests for delivery, sending goods, securing accurate recipient's place of receipt when sending bills, contacting and informing of contract execution. Service use period
    (However, according to relevant laws)
  3. 03. Personal Information Retention and Utilization Period

    ① In principle, the users' personal information shall be destroyed without delay after the purpose of collecting or receiving the information has been achieved. However, if it is necessary to preserve the client information according to the provisions of the relevant statutes, the client information shall be kept for a certain period, and the retention period shall be as follows.

    Division Retention period Evidence Act
    Records on the supply of payment, goods, etc. 5years Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce, etc.
    Records of withdrawal of contract or subscription, etc. 5years Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce, etc.
    Ledger, tax invoice, import tax invoice, receipt, etc. 5years Value-added tax law
    Records of complaints or dispute handling by consumers 3years The law on consumer protection in e-commerce, etc.
    Record about identity verification 6months Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.
    Website visit record 3months Communications Secret Protection Act
Division Name
E-mail Company name
A general telephone Cell phone